Will ‘Hot’ Sexbots Make Marriage Better?

“Sex robots add the ability of finding new ways around problems. I’m not going to worry about what my sexual relationship is because I have this technology that satisfies that part of my life.”

Do we want ‘hot’ sexbots?

“Caleb is reacting like any other man in the presence of a beautiful woman — his mind gets fuzzy. And that makes him relatively helpless. Of course, Ava is a seductresses. She knows exactly what Caleb wants in a woman, and presents it to him.”

What happens when you actually get your fantasy?

“The thing we desire and think we can’t have we can now shape exactly to the specification of how we want it. There’s something incredibly scary about how unstoppable it feels.”

Women + sexbots = objects

“History is full of examples of western society viewing women in terms of their physical attributes, rather than their thoughts and desires. By creating sex robots with cartoonish sexual characteristics, these companies perpetuate the idea that a woman’s value is tied to her body. That choice is exacerbated by commodity culture. Billions of dollars are spent to encourage people to have relationships with objects. Marketing products not just as items, but as something more — a creation that makes people feel good, or desirable, or rich — an object can become a part of a person’s identity. Humanoid sex robots exacerbate the idea that it’s possible to relate to an object like another person, and — by extension — that a person can be treated like an object.”



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