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‘Advanced style’ and nudism couldn’t be more different, but they both help women embrace and accept their aging bodies

“What could older female consumers possibly teach us about being stylish?”

That’s what Ela Veresiu, an associate professor of marketing, wanted to know. So she delved into the world of the “advanced style” movement, in which older women deconstruct and defy gendered and ageist fashion and beauty standards as influencers on Instagram.

Miniskirts? Bold colors? Tight clothes? Fishnets? Stilettos? Flashy jewelry? Who says women can’t wear things like that after a certain age? …

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Befriending older women can go a long way toward busting ageist beliefs and lessen anxieties about aging as a woman

In her new book Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power, exiting CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin emphasizes the importance of having a “huddle” — women you can lean on for support, inspiration and strength, and who can lean on you for the same.

One of her tips is to welcome women in your huddle who are different than you are:

“I’ll never forget the sage advice from rapper and activist Killer Mike when I was first interviewing him in the wake of Ferguson: “Make sure you have plenty of friends who don’t look like you.” It is so important to…

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Our emotional relationship to money drives how we use it and how we feel about ourselves

The Amazon delivery trucks have been stopping on my block several times a day this past year. Not to my house, though. My needs are so little right now, during the pandemic. But as I look in my closet and drawers, I realize I have so much stuff — more than I could ever wear.


“The best place to start any money conversation is to admit that money is about much more than money,” writes Anna Sale, host of the podcast Death, Sex & Money, in her new book, Let’s Talk About Hard Things.

I had never thought of…

Halle Berry on Twitter

Madonna and Halle Berry are just the latest to get unfairly criticized for posting half-naked photos of their aging bodies

Madonna and Halle Berry have caused a kerfuffle.

The 62-year-old Madonna posted a few selfies on Instagram in a barely there leather bra, lacy lingerie and a hat a few days ago. Berry, 53, did similarly, posting a photo of herself on Twitter in her underwear, a kick-ass pair of boots and a hat. (What’s with the hats, gals?)

So of course there were some negative comments about the inappropriateness of women like them baring so much skin because, you know, age — ew.

Similar comments were made when model Paulina Porizkova, 55, posted a nude photo of herself in…

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Throughout history, charm, intelligence, curiosity and wit got women what they wanted, more than their youth or beauty

In a recent essay, freelance writer Rebecca Knight wrestles with a contradiction. While she’s raising her daughters to be feminists like she is, she also finds herself agonizing over her fading looks at midlife. Can she really call herself a feminist if she’s a sell-out, she wonders, as her 12-year-old watches her follow her nightly beauty regimen:

“It’s too late for me. At this point, I’ve already fallen prey to the immense pressure that society puts on women to try to look a certain way. I may be a liberated, modern woman, but I am also more than a little…

The 63-year-old actor wants to be revered as an ‘elderess’

Actor and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow thinks we’re getting better at tackling ageism. While promoting a new face filler, the 48-year-old says she sees that happening with her 16-year-old daughter, Apple, and her Gen Z peers.

As she tells Bazaar:

“The younger generation is embracing and deifying women like Jane Fonda and Frances McDormand. They just love cool women, whether they’re older or different to them. They’re so much less judgmental about other women of all shapes and sizes. I observe that with my daughter. They look at the whole woman, instead of some super-airbrushed, FaceTuned Instagram photo. …

Research indicates May-December relationships are more likely to break up, and women have less sexual and life satisfaction

Singer and actor Katharine McPhee and her husband of nearly two years, multi-Grammy-winning musician and producer David Foster, recently celebrated the birth of their first child together.

McPhee is 36; Foster is 71.

Shortly after they wed, Foster declared, “No one gives a shit” about their large age difference and McPhee has long made light of it. But recently, she felt a need to address it:

“It took me awhile to kind of come around to really want to have a real serious relationship because I was very concerned with what people would think, and also I just wasn’t there…

The accomplished actor looks ageless and flawless, but is that really what aging looks like?

The Golden Globes took place last night and while I didn’t watch the show, I got caught up in some of the commentary on Twitter about how great some of the older women looked. Notably, Jane Fonda, who won the Cecil B. DeMille Award and whose beauty at age 83 is undeniable.

Then I came upon this tweet, about Fonda looking “like this at 83”:

I have been a fan of Fonda for her activism and acting, and you bet she looks beautiful at 83. That said, it’s a very narrow version of beauty. Her skin looks flawless —…

Women who “marry up,” even if they’re wealthy in their own right, are always suspect

Salma Hayek and her husband, François-Henri Pinault, just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary —a pretty long marriage for any couple, but particularly notable in Hollywood terms.

And yet recently, their marriage has again become suspect because Pinault — chief executive officer of Kering and president of Groupe Artémis — is worth about $7 billion and Hayek is only worth some $200 million, and therefore she must have married him for him money.

As if a woman worth $200 million would actually need to marry someone for money.

It came up on a recent episode of the Armchair Expert podcast, when…

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Romantic love is great, but non-romantic love is often much more enduring and equal

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and while I love romantic love, I don’t like the day dedicated to it.

There was a time when I looked forward to Valentine’s Day. It was when I was in PS 79 elementary school in New York City. Like many young girls, I was brought up to expect romantic love, maybe in the form of a prince. So a day dedicated to love? Bring it. Plus, there was candy involved.

If I was lucky, I got a special card from a special someone. Sometimes there were several special cards from several special someones. Sometimes…

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