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I arrived in San Francisco from Miami exactly a week before my 30th birthday. I knew no one in the state except the man I’d met six months before at a Club Med in Colorado (a story for another day), and who became my second husband almost two years later.

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I’ll admit it — I have been fantasizing about retiring. Not that I don’t love what I do; I actually do love it. It’s just that after a 30-plus-year career in journalism, I’m getting tired, especially since newspapers are struggling and have laid off so many people — my paper…

The beloved actor Betty White died last week, a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday, and while there have been many wonderful articles and columns celebrating her talent, brains, wit and sauciness, NPR pop culture critic Linda Holmes had an astute observation:

“Something awful happens to the pop-culture take…

We’re a few episodes into And Just Like That …, the much-anticipated follow-up series to Sex and the City, and I’m really missing Samantha Jones, the confident, unapologetically promiscuous non-monogamist who wanted to “have sex like a man” played by Kim Cattrall.

While it’s interesting to watch Carrie (Sarah Jessica…

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Despite the belief that widowhood hits older women, the average age that a wife becomes a widow in the United States is 59, according to the census bureau — an age that seems awfully young although perhaps not all that surprising given that most women marry men older than they…

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When she turned 48 years old, Heather Havrilesky, the former longtime New York Magazine advice columnist, had an obsessive flirtation with a well-known author who she thinks was playing footsie with her at a restaurant that he and other writers and journalists had gathered for dinner.

She, of course, is…

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I never heard of Chinese pianist Yuja Wang or classical music critic Norman Lebrecht until recently, when Lebrecht wrote a damning critique of the classical prodigy titled “Spare us the skintight sonata.”

The acclaimed 34-year-old Wang likes to wear barely-there outfits and 5-inch stilettos, a topic of discussion as much…

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In a recent essay, Jessica Valenti — co-founder of Feministing, the author of five books and a fellow Medium author— writes that having just had her 43rd birthday, she’s come to realize how much she’s enjoying getting older.

“I feel more like myself than ever before, I love the family…

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Award-winning journalist, author of “Not Too Old For That: How Women are Changing the Story of Aging,” coauthor of “The New I Do,” mom

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